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We believe in the power of video, its ability to engage and inspire an audience, elevate experiences and simplify communications.

Video Production

Over the years, we have worked with many different sized crews to bring our clients projects to the screen. Always adapting to changing technology from televisions to phones helps ensure that our clients have the best results. With the right plan in place, our team will be ready with smiles and passion to help make your next video campaign awesome.

Motion Design

Wouldn’t we all like to touch the air and information just pops up? Well, we are almost there (at least digitally). The motion design aspect is a world that has taken videos to new heights, providing information and guidance to an audience. Our team has adapted to that growing need in today’s video content. Now you too can have your topics, ideas, products and team messages have compelling visuals that not only inform your viewers, but helps them better understand and connect with the topic at hand.

3D Design

There was a time when 3D visuals was only for the movies, but now the technology has given everyone an opportunity to help display what their minds generate. An emerging aspect of visual content, 3D has jumped many companies to the forefront of new ways to bring their audience deeper into their messages, products or ideas. Are you ready to add some 3D touches to your project?

Our services

Creative Crunch Productions creates custom solutions for your business problems using a team of experienced experts in the field.

Remote video post editing to create high quality video products without the need to leave the home.

  • Option for remote
  • Building a connection online
  • Online consultations for editing needs
  • Compelling motion graphics and professional editing

Internal learnings that teach a group vs individuals, building a larger competent workforce in less time.

  • Information videos for the workforce
  • Internal learnings to build up a company workforce

With the growing use of video platforms such as YouTube, having a team to create engaging commercial content within the time limits of those platforms will help build the right content for any brand.

  • Create engaging commercial content
  • Informing an audience about their products in a short amount of time
  • A creative punch to your companies brand and products

Industrial documentary projects is built to showcase a full process of the workforce of what processes are going into a manufacturing organization.

  • Showcase the internal workforce
  • Demonstrate the processes are in manufacturing
  • Inform what shareholders and managing teams the progress of their assets

Building a promo videos to capture the Social Media audiences.

  • Projected for attention on social media platforms
  • Building timed promo videos to capture the typical social media audience
  • Creating promo spots

Explainer and Educational videos can provide more engaging learning experience that can be catered to the different learning speeds.

  • Online learning content
  • Educational videos providing more engaging learning experience

Creating a safety awareness for your workforce in turn saves the company money, piece of mind to the workforce, and a healthy work environment that is more efficient to the overall production.

  • Workforce safety on site
  • Creating a safety awareness for your workforce
  • Building on a healthy work environment

Our Process

We take your idea and create amazing videos


We love this step. Collaboration is about team work, and we look forward to working with your team to brainstorm all of the potential projects that can come from our collaborative minds. Whether we have that first collaborative talk over coffee or a digital chat space like zoom, we will be there to help brainstorm ways to get your concepts towards a goal of visual reality.


After we have collaborated and have our end goal in mind, just like anything else, it's time to plan. In this stage, we work out the logistics of what it would take to reach our end goal. The step is very important to us, since it is the base of the whole project. With a good foundation, it ensures we can keep your project running with a clear direction, keeping your budget and timeline in mind.


Many people think this is the hard phase of visual media, but if a clear goal and plan are laid out prior, this is where the fun of building comes in. In this stage, we will be either filming your videos, building your animated products or creating 3D products for your campaigns.


We are almost there, the refining stage is just giving your project those final buffered touches. Cleaning up any scuffs, scratches or challenging spots along the way. During this phase we review all of the material and keep a constant contact with the whole team involved to ensure we have covered all of the milestones and wrap it up for your debut of your project.

Our portfolio

Check Out Some of Our Favourite Projects
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  • 3D Design

Coldest Night of the Year 2021 Promo | N2N

Neighbour2Neighbour and CNOY - Coldest Night Of the Year. Neighbour to Neighbour Centre have been helping to improve our neighbourhood and meeting the issue of food insecurity head on. The Coldest Night of the Year is a covid-safe, family-friendly walk to raise money for charities serving people experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger. Filmed and produced by CreativeCrunchProductions. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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